BELLEDENUIT is a directors duo and a production company focused on film, fashion and photography. We produce independent projects and commercial work for agencies and clients worldwide. Within the last months we have directed projects in several countries such as Spain, United States, Argentina, Nigeria and Puerto Rico.

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The studio partners with culturally motivated clients within the art, fashion, and music landscapes — bringing to life both digital and print projects.

From conception to execution, BELLEDENUIT considers the most accurate scenario to develop any client’s idea with a fresh and contemporary perspective.

We have office in Barcelona:
Belledenuit Studio S.L.
+34 931 868 231
C/De la Verge, 10 
08001, Barcelona, Spain

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Cult Of Personality (Regal & Sita Abellan Remix)
Featured on Vogue It & Sleek Mag

Film Director: Javier Peralvo
Photographer: Pawla Casanovas
Hair and Makeup: Venus Plastik
Producer: Paloma Fernandez
Director of Photography: Borja V Conde
AD & Editor: Ismael Okbye
Produced by Belledenuit
Location: BBstudio